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TV Antenna Installation * Home Antennas * Towers Installed * Towers Removed  *  Cell Phone Boosters 

 We Work All Winter!!
Watch our latest ad on: WLNS CBS (6.1),
 WLAJ ABC (53.1)Livewell (6.2)  & MyTV (18.1)

The Antenna Men Now Selling And Installing Cell Phone and Data Card Antennas & Boosters For Your Home or Business!
 Free Estimates (Over the phone) , Timely, Professional Installation
Antenna men at work!  Over 47 Years Experience * Insured * Work Guaranteed!
We Answer our Phone 7 days a week--service comes first!

Derek at work on a tower getting ready to tune a multi-antenna installation. This tower is located in Mid-Michigan and will pull in at least 40 channels without a rotor.

Local TV stations are digital and much of the programming is in high definition.  The Antenna Men install custom antenna set-ups priced and engineered for the customer.  We want to make your TV viewing experience affordable (no monthly bills), reliable (no outages when it rains or snows), and great customer service.  Serving most of mid-Michigan.

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