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About Antenna Men

Mike Heinze has been installing, designing and upgrading antenna systems since he was a youngster going back to 1960.  Mike worked with his father at HEINZE TV in Potterville, Michigan learning TV service, antenna installation, C-band dish installation and most important, great customer service. Mike has installed thousands of TV antennas around Michigan over the years.

 In 1982, Mike started working in Cable Television doing installs, network maintenance, headend design and installation.  Over the next 16 years, Mike worked to provide maintenance and technical management for multiple cable systems in over 100 communities in Michigan until 1998.  In 1999 Mike moved to Brazil and worked to provide telecommunications infrastructure to 35 communities in Central Brazil building 3500km of fiber optic/coaxial network to provide video, voice and Internet services.

 In 2008, Mike & son Derek started a local antenna installation company--"The Antenna Men" to help people transition to Digital TV!
The Antenna Men Make Digital TV Work!  Mike & Derek provide antenna expertise to homeowners & business owners in mid-Michigan focusing entirely on new digital antenna systems and repair and upgrade of existing systems.

The Antenna Men are based in central Eaton County in Windsor Twp.  We have no storefront and focus mainly on bringing custom, mobile services to your home or business.  Mike & Derek do sell a fair amount of antenna equipment to local "do-it-yourselfers" and will meet clients or welcome them to our home to transfer equipment and go over what needs to be done to install the equipment.  The Antenna Men carry a very large inventory of digital antennas, hardware, digital converters, cable/wire, amplifiers, mounts and towers.  The Antenna Men always have an inventory of used antennas and towers for the bargain hunters!  

The Antenna Men have made an investment in the technology required to provide quick, accurate analysis and alignment of digital systems and antennas.  We have three digital signal meters to analyze digital & analog signal levels, a 5" digital test TV, coaxial cable mappers & Volt/Ohm meters to make sure all jobs are certified and reliable.  In addition, ladders and climbing equipment are always on-board the truck to make access to towers and roofs safe and easy!

Derek, at age 23, has been learning all aspects of digital and analog technology over the last 6 years.  Derek typically is at the top of the tower or roof doing the installation and alignment of mounts, mast, rotors, amps & antennas.  Derek takes real pride in securing and hiding wire as it routes down the roof or tower, into the home and throughout the structure!

When retaining antenna or tower installation or services, ask these questions?:
1)  How long have you been in business?  What is your RF experience?
Antenna Men:  Since 2008, Antennas, towers & RF since 1960!
2)  Do you have business liability insurance & workman's comp.? 
Antenna Men:  Both Liability & Workman's Comp.
3)  What is your warranty?
Antenna Men:  6 months material & workmanship!
4)  Do you answer your phone 7 days a week?
Antenna Men:  Normally 8am to 8pm 7 days!
5)  Do you have digital ATSC & NTSC test equipment to measure signal levels and certify each outlet?
Antenna Men:  We have 4 Holland signal meters to measure ATSC digital signals, NTSC Analog signals & Cable TV signals!
6)  Do you have a working inventory?
Antenna Men:  We stock over 100 antennas, 12 or more new towers, used towers as acquired, over 25 preamplifiers & distribution amplifiers, large assortment of mounting hardware & masts! 

You can reach us typically 7 days a week by calling 517-646-0439 Lansing, (voice or text) or e-mail at antennamen@gmail.com!  If you would like more info or a free estimate, visit our "Contact Us" page on this website and fill out the information form!

The Antenna Men would also like to thank all of the local businesses who support us on a daily basis.  I would like to name just a few and you need to know that we always try to support as many businesses as we can in the communities we are working in--gas, hardware, food, etc.
I would like to mention the following special partners:

WLNS CBS 6.1, Livewell 6.2, WLAJ 53.1, MyTV 18.1 
Independent Bank of Potterville ($$$)
Shell Gas & Subway of Potterville (Gas & Subs)
BP of Potterville (Gas & Pizza)
Hayes Green Beach Hospital (especially Nurse Patty)
Fulton Lumber-Charlotte
Fulton Electronics-Lansing
Bursma Electronics-Grand Rapids
J-Ad advertising of Battle Creek & Hastings
The Salesman advertising of Greater Jackson
Neil Klaiss (TV Repair)-Charlotte
Daughters Tara & Trisha (Web & Marketing)
Joe's Gizzard City-Potterville (Business Lunches)
Potterville Chamber of Business

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